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Quick Reply Buttons

Quick Replies is a unique and simple way for your contacts to continue the conversation with your bot.

Quick Reply Basics

While similar to Buttons, Quick Replies gives your bot different options to help engage communication more effectively.

Quick Replies


Limit of 10 Quick Replies options

Limit of 3 Buttons

Can link to another message, action, condition, randomizer, or smart delay

Same as Quick Replies

Can’t link to websites and third party sites

Can link to websites and third party sites

Quick Replies disappear after the contact makes a selection or continues the conversation

Static - contacts can return to the conversation and select Buttons at any point

Text in QR is limited to 20 characters

Same as Quick Replies

Quick Reply vs Buttons

Setting up Quick Replies

Quick Replies work with Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram (coming soon!).

Go to Flows>Flow Builder>Create a new message and add a text block. After you've created your text block, select “+ Add Quick Reply”.

Note: You must have a text block with no Buttons above to use a Quick Reply.

Type in text in the Quick Reply field.  Select your next step after a contact selects a Quick Reply.

Note: Choices will vary depending on your chosen channel.

After making a selection, select the gear icon next to the Quick Reply. These Quick Reply settings allow you to “Follow up if contact hasn’t engaged” or “Retry if reply isn’t a Quick Reply

Selecting “Follow up if contact hasn’t engaged” allows you to follow up with the contact if they didn't select an option for up to 24 hours.  Choose seconds, minutes, hours, or days.

Retry if reply isn’t a Quick Reply” allows you to resend a message with Quick Replies if the contact sends you a message or performs an action not connected to the immediate Quick Reply block. For example, if the contact makes a selection in the Main Menu. You can resend it five times.

To add more Quick Replies, click the “+ Add Quick Reply” and repeat the previous steps.

Quick replies are beneficial if you are looking to give your contacts more than three choices and don’t require linking to an external website.