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Block Types

This article explains how to leverage different types of Blocks or elements in Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram messages.

Consider adding blocks to attract attention and provide more meaning when setting up your message. Learn how the following elements can take your message to the next level.

All the following buttons are for Messenger. Not all channels have the same amount of buttons.

For Instagram

Instagram has the same buttons as Messenger except for Audio, Video, and File.

For WhatsApp

WhatsApp has the same buttons as Messenger except for Card and Gallery.

For Telegram

Telegram has the same buttons as Messenger except for Card, Gallery, and Notification Request.

All the blocks are draggable. Use the arrow on the right to drag any block into the message. Hover over the arrow until it turns blue to move a block.

Next is a breakdown of what each block does in ManyChat.

1. + Text block:

If you need to share a piece of information separately but still within the same message of the flow, you can add another Text block and type the follow-up message:

2. + Image block:

Click this icon to upload a specific image that you'd like to send or insert a link to it:

3, 4. + Card, + Gallery blocks:

Use these blocks to display products, photos, or services.
Gallery consists of two or more Cards where you can add an image of your product,  additional information, and a link to an external resource.

This is how Gallery looks in Messenger:

5. Adding a subscription request to your messages in Messenger:

Subscription requests require the contact to consent to receive messages from you after the initial 24-hour window. For more information, you can read our articles on Broadcasts and Messenger Lists.

6, 7, 8, + Audio, + Video and + File blocks:

You can attach audio, videos, and other files of all common formats to your messages.
Note: There is a size limit for file uploads. Please review here to learn more.

9. + Delay block:

This block leaves the impression that a person (not a bot) sent the customer a message. Click the icon to add the block to your message and choose Delay time. Place it anywhere, such as at the start of a message or in two separate messages. You can also set up a 'typing' effect during this pause

10. + User Input block:

This block captures manual User Input and saves it into a corresponding Custom Field.
You can gather some information about your contacts with the User Input block. Learn more here.

11. + Dynamic block:

Dynamic block allows you to receive a message created on the remote server and then send it to your contacts. Review this article to learn more.

Note: Facebook Message Tags, Paid Messages, Subscription Request, User Input, and Dynamic block are Manychat Pro features.

There are various options to choose from to enhance your messages. These elements can dramatically improve the appearance and delivery of your messages for engaging conversations across major channels.