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Switching Pro subscription to another account

If you ever need to switch your Pro subscription from one account to another, certain requirements should be met in order to make the switch possible. Here they are:

  1. We can switch ACTIVE subscription — don't cancel your Pro so we can switch it to another account eventually. 
  2. The bot should be ENABLED in the Pro account and the receiving account as well — we're unable to switch subscriptions if any account involved in the switch is Disabled.
  3. The Billing Admin on the Pro account should also be the Admin on the second account to make the switch possible — this will make this profile the Billing Admin on the receiving account as a result.
  4. Accounts involved in the switch should be on the same Contact Tier from the Pricing page — please check it out here:
  5. Subscriptions with active coupons CAN'T be switched.
  6. The receiving account must be FREE. If the subscription status on the receiving account is Expired, or the Pro subscription has been canceled in this account before, the switch won't be possible.


  • Pro subscription can only be switched on our side. Please send your request through Help > Submit a Ticket and we'll be ready to assist:  Let us know the exact names of the accounts you'd like to apply changes to and we'll be ready to proceed with the switch.
  • One Pro subscription can only be switched once! We won't be able to perform the switch later for this particular subscription.

Hope this helps!