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How is the Price Calculated: Understanding Your Invoice

Sometimes, the total price in your invoice may be different from tier prices on our pricing page. That happens because Manychat automatically selects a tier based on the number of your Contacts. We calculate how long each tier was eligible during a billing month and adjust the total price accordingly.

When your Pro plan is changed from one to another during the billing cycle, the price for the unused time on the previous plan is deducted from the total sum, and then the full price of using the new plan for the next month is charged. So the total price includes:

  • Price for the time you spent on each plan;
  • Compensation for the unused time;
  • Full price for the actual Pro plan for the next month.

For a better understanding let's check out this example invoice:

As you can see, the invoice shows that the account has switched between different Pro plans (Tiers) several times during the billing cycle. Our system automatically charged the account for the new plan, and also deducted the cost for the unused time on previous plans from the total amount. 

So you only pay for what you use.