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Dev Tools: Quick Test with Glitch

If you do not have a server to deploy your DevTool to, you can remix our starter DevTool project on Glitch, which will provide a public URL served over HTTPS for your DevTools.

To create your own DevTool on Glitch, do the following:

  1. Open our starter webhook project on Glitch.
  2. Click Remix Your Own under the project preview.
    This will create a copy of the project for you.
  3. In the top-left corner, click Share to enter the drop-down menu, then select Live App and copy the link. This will be the base URL for your DevTool.
  4. Create a Flow with a Dynamic Content block in the step. Add your server address to Request URL field and set Request Type to GET.
  5. Click Save and preview the Flow - it will send the "Hello from server!" message to your Messenger!

Feel free to edit the code in app.js of your remixed project to send any content you wish in the following format: We also encourage you to check out our main help articles about Dynamic Block and External Request.