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Dev Tools: Dynamic Block

Dev tools provide much more flexibility in customizing your Bot - let's have a more detailed look at Dynamic Block in this article. 

Dynamic Block allows you to receive a message created on the remote server and then send it to your contacts. Please note that the message should be created in a specific format as described in the documentation: 

Please note: Instagram-only accounts are not able to make test request at the moment. But it will be supported soon.

To set up Dynamic Block, please follow instructions below:

1. Choose HTTP Methods (Get or POST).
2. Enter your endpoint URL to the Request URL field.
If you don't have your own server yet, but want to try this feature, please check this article to get a test URL
3. Fill in 'Headers' and 'Body' fields if needed.
4. Test your request by clicking 'Test the Request' button on the right.
5. An important option to keep in mind is a Fallback Step - it allows the bot to do something in case there is an error with the server answer. However, it is not mandatory, so there could be no Fallback step at all, but in this case you will not know if something goes wrong with the answer from the server.