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Checkbox Growth Tool

The 'Checkbox' Growth Tool is a useful widget that allows you to add a checkbox to forms on your website. This lets the site visitors authorize with their Facebook account to receive messages from your bot in Messenger.

Creating 'Checkbox' Growth Tool 

Navigate to 'Growth Tools' tab and click on '+NewGrowth Tool'.

Type a name for your Growth Tool and click here to create new 'Checkbox':

Now you have to create an Opt-in message. Click 'Edit' to start working in a Builder.

This process is almost the same for any other ManyChat message creation. But kindly note that there are some limitations:

  1. Variables (for example 'First Name') are not supported in the initial message of the Opt-In message in widgets with checkbox plugin. But after a user becomes your subscribed contact, variables will work correctly.
  2. By the new Facebook rules, a user becomes subscriber only when they reply something by clicking a button or sending a manually typed message. Due to that, ManyChat can’t subscribe a user to a Sequence on opt-in directly. Please add at least one button to your Opt-In Message and use an action on the button to subscribe to a Sequence, if needed.

Once the Opt-in Message is finished, you can open the 'Setup' tab. 

Click 'Install JavaScript' and add your website here:

Then click 'Next' and copy the JS code. You need to place it into the

of every page of your website. 

Let's move further and install another code. This time you need to paste it to wherever you want the widget to be shown on your website.

Now it's time to customize the widget! 

Choose your preferences and move to the final step:

You have to install this code into a button that you want to connect the Checkbox to on your site, otherwise users won't be able to receive your Opt-In Message. 

That's it, now you're good to go, just activate the widget and start getting new contacts. Hope this helps!

NOTE: On February 20th, 2018, some changes have taken effect for Facebook checkbox plugin. Among other requirements, Facebook states that you should not place the Checkbox below the button on your site - it should be placed above the button instead. More context here.