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QR Code Growth Tool

QR Code is a neat feature that's fun to use and can potentially bring lots of contacts to your bot. To create new QR Code Growth Tool, head to the Growth Tools tab and click '+New Growth Tool' button in the upper right corner - you'll see the full list of available Growth Tools where you should click 'QR Code' icon:

You will see two tabs inside your newly created Growth Tool then - 'Opt-In Actions' and 'QR Code':

- 'Opt-In Actions' is the tab where you can set up the Opt-In Message for this Growth Tool - just click 'Edit' button to enter editing mode, set up your Opt-In Message carefully and then click 'Publish' button in the upper right corner to save changes and to make sure it gets sent to users as soon as they scan the code. 

- 'QR Code' is the tab where the code itself gets generated as soon as you click this tab:

As you can see on the screenshot, the image size can be adjusted here (100-2000px), you can add your logo which will be displayed in the middle of the code, remove the background behind the logo, change the code's background and foreground color, and you can also download the code to your device in .png format. Make sure to click the 'Draft-Active' toggle switch in the upper right corner of the Growth Tool to activate it. 

QR Codes are great for sticking on fliers, ads, or anywhere in the real world where you want people to try your bot. They can be scanned with QR Code scanning apps or with default Camera apps on certain smartphones to instantly link the user to your bot - no typing needed. For example, the user sees this post on your FB Page:

Once the code is captured, a Messenger app opens and new users see the 'Get Started' button which should be clicked to become a subscribed contact  and receive information from your bot, starting with this Growth Tool's Opt-In Message.

Note: users who had already subscribed to your bot previously will not see the 'Get Started' message, receiving the Opt-In message right away instead.


QR Code Growth Tool used to be the Messenger Code Growth Tool for 2 years since 2017 - the steps to create the Messenger Code GT were exactly the same, and the code itself looked like this:

As of November 4th, 2019 Messenger Codes are still supported by Facebook, so if you have created Messenger Code Growth Tools previously, they might work correctly for a certain period of time. However, please keep in mind that Facebook has plans to discontinue the feature completely soon (no ETA for now ?), that is why we have switched to QR Codes proactively. If any of your campaigns rely on scanning Messenger Codes, we strongly recommend updating to QR Codes to make sure the interaction with your bot goes uninterrupted.

To scan a Messenger Code, users have to do the following (official Facebook instruction):

  1. Open the Messenger app and Activate the Messenger camera.
  2. Press and hold in the viewfinder. A circle will appear.
  3. Center the Messenger Code in the circle - Messenger will automatically scan the code.

Also, please note that each QR Code is unique and it will not be possible to recover a deleted Growth Tool with an already existing code - so, please, be especially cautious when deleting such Growth Tools.


1. In case you cannot scan the QR Code successfully, please check the following:

a. Make sure your QR Code Growth Tool is enabled;

b. Avoid applying color filters or photo effects to the code in any photo editors;

c. Make sure the code that is printed on a pamphlet or a business card is not damaged.

2. If your QR Code isn't sending the Opt-in message, first make sure that your widget is active.
If it is, please click 'Refresh Permissions' button (find it in 'Settings' => 'General' in your ManyChat account). You need to have the 'Admin' Page Role in ManyChat and on Facebook to do that.
Also, head to the Growth tools tab and check the list of Authorized Websites. Make sure that you have ManyChat listed there, and if not - please make sure to add it.

Please, make sure that all changes are saved before using the Growth Tool: click 'Edit Flow' and then 'Publish' - this will save and update your Opt-In message. After that, re-activate your Growth Tool. 

The most common reason why your Opt-in Message isn't getting sent is that ManyChat is not owning a conversation on Facebook. This is controlled by the Handover Protocol: it is a protocol of passing control of user conversations to the LiveChat apps based on their Receiver Role. In order for ManyChat to render all messages with 100% accuracy, you have to set up your Handover Protocol.

To enable Handover Protocol: head to your Facebook Page's Settings => Messenger Platform => App Settings => Configure, assign the 'Primary Receiver' role to ManyChat and the 'Secondary Receiver' role to other apps. To activate the Handover Protocol properly, it is required for a Page to have one app with the 'Primary Receiver' role.

You can find all information about this in our article here: Handover Protocol.

Also, please note that if you change the QR code after having printed its older version on your product – that old QR code will be gone for good and without a way to be restored.

Hopefully, QR Code Growth Tool helps you grow your audience even more!