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No Confirmation Letter to Verify E-mail Address

This may happen when you're trying to change the e-mail address associated with your ManyChat account under To figure out what happens, let's first make sure that you saw this message after changing the address.

If you do and the confirmation e-mail still doesn't arrive after 5 minutes, make sure to check the 'Spam' folder of your inbox.

In case the e-mail still isn't there, the issue could be related to your e-mail domain. The problem is that the e-mail service that's integrated with ManyChat and that's responsible for delivering your letter does not recognize some uncommon domains, which is why it becomes technically impossible for them to send the letter.

Some of the most common domains that are 100% supported are those except for Gmail, Yahoo, Inbox, Outlook, iCloud, Mail, AOL, Yandex. Other ones may not be recognized or maybe considered potentially harmful, and in such cases verification, the e-mail will not be delivered. In this case, we advise connecting your ManyChat account to another e-mail address belonging to a common domain.

Another thing to note is that the verification mail is sent to your old email address, not the new one.