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The magic 'Refresh Permissions' button will save you from a range of technical issues in your account, such as: 

  • Anything related to 'You don't have enough permissions' errors, which cause the Flows not being published and messages not being sent
  • Pulling up the updated info from Facebook, such as new page name/user name/profile picture/etc. If the info changed on Facebook, but not yet in ManyChat, refreshing permissions is what you need!
  • Authorize Websites list under Settings -> Growth Tools isn't being saved after the new domain is added 
  • Comments Growth Tool stopped pulling up the list of page posts
  • Can't activate Main Menu, Welcome Message, or Default Reply
  • Some other issues that are not yet officially registered as being fixed by refreshing permissions. 

But what to do if the magic button doesn't work and you get an error when trying to refresh permissions?

This normally happens if you no longer have access to the Facebook profile you used to create a ManyChat account, for example, if your Facebook profile was blocked or deleted. It can also happen if you have a Facebook page connected to ManyChat and you lost admin access to this page. 

So if you have troubles refreshing permissions, make sure that you still have your Facebook profile active, and you can manage the Facebook page connected to ManyChat.

Refresh permissions for Instagram Channel

In case you are only using Instagram channel, refresh permissions button is available in the Instagram settings section.