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Since March 2023 Facebook Ads integration feature has been deprecated and is no longer supported.

This article will help you to quickly understand and resolve any issues with Paid Messages and tell you all about their deliverability details and Facebook rules!

Can't create or send Paid Messages?

Please, make sure that

1. You have Admin permissions for the page, Ad Account, and Business Manager;

2. Your Ad account is connected to your Business Manager and you have Admin access to that account there! Here is how to add accounts to BM.

2a. Refresh Permissions after that.
If you are still not able to add an Ad Account or enter Paid Messages creation, please, reach out to us!

3. There are enough people in the Audience: Facebook recommends sending Paid Messages no less than 200 people to avoid any issues with deliverability; it's best to have over 1000 users in your Audience;

4. You've set sufficient Budget and Bid Control. Here are the recommended Budgets and Bids for all countries. If you are still seeing an error about that, try to set them higher.

5. There is a valid payment method connected to your Ad account.

If you still aren't able to send the Paid Message, send us a ticket!

What is the right Budget and Bid Control for my messages? Why it may be too low?

Paid Messages are going through the auction: the page that wins the auction gets the placement for the Ad. Pricing would be different depending on the country you’re serving ads in. For instance, it is about 30 USD per 1000 impressions in the US.
Bid Control is a maximum bid that you will allow to set when auctioning for the Paid Message placement. The auction itself happens automatically.

Facebook will not allow launching the Ad if those settings are too low to ever win.
The higher your budget and the bid, the more likely you'll win the placement auction and more likely that contacts will receive your message.
Of course, only you can decide what budget and Bid Control is comfortable for you and will be enough for your marketing goals.

How does the targeted Audience impact the cost of the campaign?

If you’re simultaneously running campaigns with overlapping target audiences using one Facebook Ad Account it can drive up the bids for ad impressions which results in overall higher costs per impression. In other words, you'll compete against yourself. We suggest you avoid launching two different Paid message campaigns to the same contacts.

Average cost of delivering your Paid message to a contact (impression) may vary depending on what country a contact is based in. Mixing contacts from two different regions within one Custom Audience may result in bidding higher amounts for those contacts that could have been obtained for less money if targeted separately. In order to cut costs, we recommend you split your target audiences based on their geography.
Here are recommended Budgets and Bids for all countries.

Paid Messages are not delivered to all users?

Make sure that that there's still a budget left, that the bid amount is not too small and there is enough time, preferably around 5 days, for the Paid Message to run.
Facebook recommends sending messages to no less than 200 or even 1000 users.

How Facebook restricts reach?

To protect the end-user experience of your contacts on Messenger, Facebook limits the number of sponsored messages a Contact can receive to 1 per day. If you or another business already sent a Sponsored Message to that contact, they may not receive it. In addition, you can't reach contacts who interacted with you via Messenger over 1 year ago (ManyChat will automatically filter them out for you).