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Please keep in mind that it is not possible to merge ManyChat accounts right now.

If you are going to merge Facebook pages together, this won't automatically merge ManyChat's data, too. You will lose access to the merged page on Facebook, and the account in ManyChat that has been connected to this page will also lose its Facebook channel. In this case, make sure to transfer or save this bot's content for further use.

To transfer all of the bot's content, you can do the following:

  1. You can transfer all the bot's content from one page to another by cloning the bot. This option is available in Settings > General > Clone To Another Page. Please note that if the bot you want to clone contains PRO features, you should have all the receiving bots also upgraded to PRO.
  2. You can create a Template based on your bot's setup in Settings > General > Use as Template. Keep in mind that the new template that includes PRO features used in the current bot will become a template for PRO pages only. If you leave the PRO features unchosen, the template will be available for both FREE and PRO pages. Unfortunately, it won't be possible to transfer Subscribers from one account to another. That is because of the fact that Facebook uses PSID as an ID of a user for a specific app and page. ManyChat has access to this PSID only and has no access to the Facebook ID. Because of that, PSIDs are only useful for one page in ManyChat and you won't be able to transfer your subscribers with the same PSIDs to another app or page.