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Conversation Starters for Instagram

What are Conversation Starters?

As a business, engagement with your customers is absolutely crucial. Conversation Starters (a.k.a. Ice Breakers) will help you kick off new customer interactions with the click of a button.
Conversations Starters also must be active if you're working with the Instagram Ref URL.

Here are some potential uses for conversation starters:

  • Answer FAQs;
  • Help new contacts navigate your page;
  • Give customers the option to speak to a human agent;
  • Manage new incoming leads;
  • Instagram Ref URL.

Conversation Starters for Instagram

Here's an example of what a conversation starter might look like for Instagram users who haven't yet interacted with your account:

How to Set Up Conversation Starters

To set up Conversation Starters (Ice Breakers) on Instagram, go to your Instagram settings and select Conversation Starters —> Edit

Create a new Conversation Starter by clicking on the Add a Question button. You can also see previews of your Questions on this page.

Create a new Flow in Flow Builder or choose an existing Flow to link to the Conversation Starter. When a user clicks on one of your Questions, your linked Flow will be triggered.

Go back to the Conversation Starters Settings page and click Update.

How to Test Conversation Starters

Get your phone and message your account from a different Instagram account. 

If you can’t see Conversation Starters:

Make sure that there's no message history between 2 accounts to see your Conversation Starters. If there are some messages delete them. And try one more time.