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Sign-up / sign-in options

Here is a quick overview of core ManyChat concepts. This guide will help you to understand how profiles and accounts operate and are connected to each other.

Core entities:

  • Profile

  • Account 

There is only one sign-up option: Facebook.

After signing up, you can integrate Google or Apple into your profile and then sign in via either of these options. An active FB account is still required to do so.

Basic rules about entities and sign-in/sign-up options:

  1. A profile can be created through one of three sign-up options
  2. A profile can be connected with multiple sign-in options (but only one per type, you cannot connect multiple google options to one ManyChat profile) and each particular sign-in options can be connected only to one profile
  3. A profile can be accessed through connected sign-in options
  4. A profile is an "umbrella" for multiple accounts
  5. Accounts consolidate channels like
    1. Facebook page (requires the Facebook sign-in option to be connected to profile)
    2. email (doesn't require Facebook sign-in)
    3. SMS (doesn't require Facebook sign-in)
  6. Profiles cannot be merged

Now when core rules are stated let's jump into some practical use cases and how multiple sign-up/sign-in options may affect you.

For using ManyChat you need both profile and account.

You can create them through a sign-up form by choosing one of the available options.

When Google or Apple is chosen ManyChat prompts to connect Facebook as well on the second step:

Though ManyChat account can be independent of Facebook sign-in option we recommend not to skip this step if your business is presented on Facebook as having this sign-in connected to your profile simplifies:

  • sign-in options management. If Facebook sign-in option turns out to be associated with an already existing ManyChat profile, we retrieve this profile and connect Google or Apple sign-in
  • channels management. ManyChat with permissions obtained from FB can pull the list of pages at any time when you need to enable the page as a channel on the account level.

If you skip the step ManyChat creates a new profile with one sign-in option connected. 

Later you will be able to create an account under this profile for using non-FB channels or connect Facebook sign-in if it is not associated with the existing profile (because we don't merge profiles).

After completing the full registration scenario your profile has

  • sign-in option or options (Facebook, Google or Apple)
  • account or accounts 

For already existing profiles you can manage sign-in options under the "My profile" menu.

Click on the "Manage sign-in options", choose the option and ManyChat will redirect you to the page for granting permissions.

Adding alternative sign-in options using this menu is convenient — it connects to your existing profile (no risk of creating a duplicate profile).

The visual representation of sign-in options, profiles and accounts relations is below.