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Instagram Buttons

Sometimes just an Instagram post is not enough for your customer to make an informed decision. Thus, Instagram Buttons is a great ManyChat feature that allows you to find a new way to keep your contacts engaged with your bot and inform your customers about the product or an event. As such, you can set up CTA buttons, create product catalogs, link URLs to a web page, and many more. 

How to Set up Instagram Buttons?

1. Go to Automation  > Flows > New Flow

2. Open the Flow Builder and pick the Instagram node

3. Click Add a text to start editing and add Buttons. You can create up to three Buttons in one text node. For each Button, you can edit the Button Title that should contain up to 20 symbols and you may also add emoji.

How to Set up Instagram Buttons with a Gallery?

You can pair Buttons with a Card or a Gallery for a better engagement with your customers. A Card usually contains an image, title, and subtitle. To create one:

1. Open the Flow Builder and create an Instagram node

2. Click +Card/+Gallerythen either choose a Card or a Gallery to create a block.

3.  Add the gallery cards: for each, you fill in a title and a subtitle and upload an image. 

4. You can add a Button inside a Card, before or after the text block — whichever better suits your needs. 

Great job! Now you are all set.