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Buttons, Links and Local Keywords in Regular WhatsApp Messages


Buttons are now available for regular messages so you can forget about asking your WhatsApp contact to type a reply. Let them continue a Flow with just one tap! Simply add up to 3 Buttons to a text block in a WhatsApp node, set up further steps and you are ready to go.

URL Buttons

How about URL buttons? Even though WhatsApp does not support those natively for regular messages, we powered our Flow Builder with embeddable shortened URLs that can trigger next messages after contact clicks them.

Local Keywords

You can also use Quick Replies in WhatsApp messages as local keywords. This feature is only available in Default Reply flow. For instance, you can ask your customers to rate your service from 1 to 5 and send a discount to happy customers, and a link to a survey to unhappy ones. 

These Quick Replies let you specify what to do if a contact answers to you with a specific message. Make sure to let your contacts know that they need to type and send a specific answer.

Please note that this feature will be deprecated soon due to the prevalence of the regular Buttons.