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User Guide: How to Check if Your WhatsApp Account is Ready to Use

To connect your WhatsApp to Manychat successfully, you should check the following conditions in the WA Business Manager:

  1. Business Verification: Verified

  2. Account Status: Approved

  3. Credit line: Manychat (after connecting WABA to Manychat)

  4. Phone Number Status: can be Pending or Offline. It will become Connected after connecting WABA to Manychat.

  5. Phone Number Quality: ideally, High or Normal.
    Here's how Messaging Limits and Number Quality work: Meta's explanation.

  6. Display Name: Approved, and there’s only one Display Name.

  7. Messaging Limit: 1K Customers/24hr or higher — needed to start sending Message Templates through Live Chat.

If at least one of these conditions is not met, then the channel activation isn't completed.

Successful WhatsApp channel integration should look like this. A yellow warning means that Messaging Limit is lower than 1K customers/24K. 

WhatsApp Business Account is verified and approved.

Check this by going to Facebook Business Manager → Settings → WhatsApp Accounts → Click your account name → Settings Tab and looking below the header called "Account Status".

If Account Status is not "Approved", in the majority of cases it means that the Business Manager hosting the WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) that was connected to Manychat hasn't been verified by Facebook yet. If Business Manager is verified, you should see the same status on below "Business Verification" header:

If you have not started the process of Business Verification please start it as soon as possible.

To do so, please go to the Facebook Business manager of the business to be verified → Settings → Security Center and click "Start Verification" button.

Follow on-screen instructions to provide data and upload all the required documents.

Tip 1 Provide some proof that your business's fantasy name (alias) is connected to your legal name in legal papers. Simple copyright in the footer section of your website will do the trick.

Tip 2 Provided business email should have the same domain as the business website - otherwise, it can trigger some questions from Facebook's Trust & Safety team.

Please be sure to check your business inbox and emails from Facebook / WhatsApp Teams since they might request some additional documentation or ask for clarification. 

Read more about Business verification in F.A.Q. section below

A phone number from your WABA  has the "Connected" status

You can check your phone number status by clicking "WhatsApp Manager" here:

After that, you'll see your WhatsApp Manager page with the connected phone number(s). Make sure the phone number has the "Connected" status like on the screenshot below:

Messaging Limit for this phone number is not "50 Customers/24h"

Check your phone number's Messaging Limit on the right. It should look like this (see the screenshot below). The "50 Customers/24h" Limit means that your WhatsApp Business is currently not verified.

The phone number has a certificate.

You should be able to see your phone number's certificate. Just click the "View" button on the right:

The certificate is only visible to your Integration Provider. You don't need to worry if you can't see it — certificate is not needed for the integration.

A Display Name connected to this phone number is approved

The last thing you need to check before you start using your WhatsApp integration is the Display Name status, it should be approved. To check that Click the "View" button located in the Certificate column of WhatsApp Manager.

If something is not approved yet...

There are usually 2 reasons why the conditions mentioned above are not met:

  1. Your business entities (such as Business Manager, WABA, phone, Display name, etc.) are still in review (look for "In review", "Pending", "Pending Approval" statuses).
  2. Business entities that went through the Review got eventually rejected for some reason. The most common reason is that the business you're trying to verify does not comply with WhatsApp Commerce policy or Business policy.

So your action is needed whenever you got the rejection status on any of those business entities: Business Manager, WABA, phone, Display name, etc.

Please do not worry if that's the case. It does not mean that your Business Manager is going to be banned on Facebook and you'll lose access to it or anything like that. It just means that you didn't make it on your first try or that WhatsApp's review team made a mistake. That happens. We encourage you to reapply again ensuring that your next application meets all the requirements explained in the policies (see links above).

ACTION NEEDED EXAMPLE: Display name was rejected

If the Display name was rejected you need to change it to another one making sure it complies with WhatsApp's Display Name Guidelines. To change the name that was rejected hover your cursor over the display name to be changed and click the pencil icon that will appear:

Enter a new name and follow on-screen instructions. Keep in mind that the new name you provide is the subject of the new approval process and will take some time.

If you got the rejection status and from the Business Manager interface or from Facebook's notifications it's not clear what to do next to resolve it, we recommend contacting Facebook Business Support. Try these resources:

If you didn't get any help or guidance from Facebook, we recommend starting the WhatsApp connection process all over again using different business entities (change the Display name, use the new phone number, create a new Business Manager, use other legal documents to apply for Business Manager verification, etc.). To do that you will need to ask Manychat Support Team to delete your previous integration first by submitting the request to Manychat Support.