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System Fields for Instagram

System Fields are fields in ManyChat that store information about your contacts like phone number, email, Instagram profile name, and more.

System Fields can be used in your automation as dynamic text in your Instagram messages or can be used in your logic for Condition blocks in Flow Builder.

Here are the System Fields currently available for Instagram:

Opted-in for Instagram - Whether the contact has opted-in through Instagram DMs
Instagram Username - The Instagram username/handle of the contact
Verified on Instagram - Whether the contact has an IG-verified account (has blue checkmark on IG profile)
Follows Business on Instagram - Whether the contact follows your business' Instagram profile
Business Follows Contact on Instagram - Whether your business' Instagram profile follows the contact
Follower Count on Instagram - The number of followers the contact's IG profile has
Last Interaction in Instagram - The time of the last bot interaction/action from the contact
Last Seen in Instagram - The time the last message in your automation was seen by the contact

Note that starting a conversation with a user from your business account will also create a contact in Manychat, although it will be showh as "Unknown" with some data missing. That happens because Instagram sends us a webhook about a contact even if it's an outbound message from your business. From this webhook, we create a partially filled contact, and it's updated when the user contacts your back. So if you're actively reaching out, don't be alarmed by these Unknown contacts from your Instagram Business.

Note that a contact in Instagram does not have such thing as a Time Zone so for these purposes, their Time Zone is considered UTC+0.

You can pull the data stored in System Fields into your automation, like pulling the contact's Instagram profile name and their follower number to personalize your messaging, or used in your logic on Condition blocks:

To use these fields in your automation, locate the variable icon { } if you want to include the dynamic variable in your text, or find them in the drop down menu in your Condition block or on the Contacts page.