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Instagram Live Comments Trigger

The Instagram Live Comments Growth Tool is a powerful tool that can arrange automated DM replies to users who comment during your Instagram Live. 

Note: There is a separate Instagram Comments trigger for Instagram Posts.

How to set up the Instagram Live Comments trigger

From Flow Builder, click on ‘Add Trigger’ in the Starting Step:

Select ‘Instagram Live Comments’ from the trigger modal:

Customize Keywords to set up the trigger or leave this blank to fire the automation for any first comments from viewers during your Instagram Live:


  • The automation will only fire once per comment during an Instagram Live. 

  • If you use Keywords for the trigger, the automation will send the first message once for the first comment.

  • If you don’t use Keywords, the automation will send the first message for any first comment from Instagram Live viewers.

We recommend setting up Keywords with this trigger. Have a clear CTA during your IG Live session to maximize conversions.

How to build DM automation for Instagram Live Comments

When a user comments during your Instagram Live, this trigger will send the first message connected to your Starting Step through Direct Messages (DMs). 

There are some things to note when using this trigger:

  • The first message sent can only include a Text block with a Button or a Quick Reply, and the user needs to tap it for the 24-hour window to open and any other messages to fire. 

  • The first message will not be sent once the Live ends and won't work for any saved formats of the Live recording (like IGTV). Basically, Live GT works only when IG Live is live!

  • If you’re using a Smart Delay in your automation, be sure that the first message is sent during the Live or your automation will not trigger once the Live ends.

  • If you host an IG Live with another person, only the automation for the main host (the host who started the Live) will trigger.

Because the contact needs to interact (opt-in) with your first message for the 24-hour window to open up, you’ll need to use a Button or a Quick Reply button in this message:

Once your contact interacts with your Button or Quick Reply, the 24-hour window opens and the rest of your automation will fire:

After you've built your automation, click ‘Publish’ to set it live and preview the flow by clicking on the ‘Preview’ button in Flow Builder once you’ve published it:

For more advanced automation using this trigger, you can add other steps such as a Condition, Action, or Randomizer before the first message and tailor your flow accordingly.

Troubleshooting Issues

We recommend to run a test Live to check that the comment tool works before you launch your main campaign!

If ‘Commenting’ or ‘Requests To Go Live’ are turned off during the Live from the Instagram app, your automation for this trigger will not fire: