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Data Retention for Inactive Accounts

According to our Terms of Service, accounts that haven't been accessed or used for a period of 18 months are considered inactive.
Manychat reserves the right to close inactive accounts and delete all corresponding data unless the account owner or administrator logs into the account.

What happens when your Manychat account moves to an inactive state?

We give you an opportunity to move your account back to active state. Before closing the account we send email notifications to all account owners and administrators. These notifications are sent automatically 30 and 3 days before the account closure. 

What occurs when an account is closed?

Once an account is closed, it becomes inaccessible — users won't be able to see the account in the list of accounts or log into the account. The account and all associated data will be permanently deleted within 90 days after the closure. The deleted data includes flows, contacts and subscriber information, live chat history and content, growth tools, API keys, broadcast data and content, and any other account data related to our product channels and features. Once the data is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

Do you want to retain your account?

Simply log in to Manychat and open your inactive account. This action will be enough for your account to stay active.

How can I get the list of my accounts in inactive state?

Log in to Manychat and open your profile “My accounts” menu. All accounts that are marked for deletion will be on top of the list with a special “Pending Deletion” mark.

No longer interested in the account?

If you don't need the account, don't worry, you don't have to do anything. Just avoid logging in, and we'll go ahead and close the account, with the data getting deleted within 90 days after that. You can also manually delete the account yourself following this article.

Why are we taking these steps?

We are closing inactive accounts to ensure compliance with international data protection and privacy regulations. Cleaning unused accounts helps safeguard user data and maintain the integrity of our systems. We are notifying affected customers by sending this communication to the email addresses associated with the account's owners and administrators.

What if you need an account after this account is deleted?

Once an account is closed and deleted, it cannot be restored. If you wish to continue using Manychat after this account is deleted, you'll need to create a new Manychat account.

Still have questions?

If you have trouble identifying which account is being closed or need assistance accessing an account, feel free to contact us at, and we'll be happy to help.