How to get your first ManyChat subscribers

Remember - all users who previously sent a Facebook Message to your page WILL NOT be automatically imported to ManyChat, but there is a trick

Right now your FB Page only has one Subscriber: you. From now on, every person who sends a message to your Page will automatically become a Subscriber. It’s not difficult to get your numbers to grow organically!

Remember, to become a Subscriber, a person needs to send a Facebook Message to your FB page. When they send a message, they’ll receive a “Get Started” button in the Messenger window. And nope, you can’t change or disable this button. It’s a part of the Facebook interface (think of it as a double-opt-in mechanism):

We have plenty of other Growth Tools which will help you to grow your audience. To learn about how to set up Growth Tools on your website, check out this video tutorial. Some of these tools include the message ref url, the comments tool and the embeddable widgets. 

Also, here’s a cool overview of our Growth mastermind, Eyal. He uses our Growth Tools to grow his business, and you can start doing it also right now. It’s free and (mostly) not painful! Almost Not Painful™!

Note: Video may be outdated

Hope this helps you get your first few subscribers!