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Button Types and Actions

Why Do I Need Buttons?

Buttons are great for communicating with your Subscribers. Add them to any Text block to learn more about your Audience, trigger additional Actions, or just have fun.

Remember, each Text block can have up to 3 Buttons:

Name and Type of the Button

Each Button needs to have a name, it must be less than 20 symbols and you can use emojis!

Send Message

This one requires creating an additional message. 

Until you add a reply here, it will be impossible to save your flow. Pay attention to the error messages!

Open Website

Add a URL to this Button which will open in a new tab of your browser.

Call Number

An impressive feature that you can easily add to your flow. Imagine the possibility of sales teams and service businesses!

Buy Button

Finally, you are able to receive payments in Messenger using this Button. Buy Button can be added only to Card, Gallery and Media Template elements.

Start Another Flow

An admin can use it to choose the next step which will fire after a subscriber clicks this Button.


Direct your customers to the required path depending on their properties.


Direct your customers to a random path. 

Send SMS

Basically, the same as "Send Message" but for SMS.

Send Email

Basically, the same as "Send Message" but for Email.

Smart Delay

It allows to create and add a delay to the flow.

Select Existing Step

You are able to choose one of the existing steps from this flow and it will fire after a subscriber clicks this Button.

Additional Actions

A very powerful instrument that you can use with any Button is Action. ManyChat provides various Actions that can automate your bot experience:

Free plan actions

Add tag and Remove tag

Both these actions will help you segment the Audience for future Broadcasts and better target your content.

Subscribe to Sequence and Unsubscribe from Sequence

Maybe you have already created a Sequence and now guessing why it's not delivering to your Subscribers? Here is the reason: a user must be subscribed to a Sequence! And this action will help you do that. Just remember to add a note to the button Reply message telling a user that they are now subscribed to a Sequence.

Mark Conversation as Open and Mark Conversation as Done

These actions either open or close a new chat with the user in the Live Chat. That will allow you not to miss question or suggestion from your Subscriber or separate him from the "Open" tab.

Set Subscriber Custom Field and Clear Subscriber Custom Field

There is a separated article about Custom Fields where you can find more info about this powerful feature. This action can add or remove data from the selected Custom Field.

Subscribe to bot and Unsubscribe from bot

Instead of using Keywords, you can add these actions to the Buttons.

Pro plan actions

Log Conversion Event

Use this action to log conversion events that might be useful for you for future analytics.

Notify Admins

Sometimes the Button is pretty important. For example when somebody requests personal assistance or wants to make a big purchase. Use this action to get an instant E-mail, or SMS notification when such Button is clicked. Due to Facebook policy enforcement changes Notify Admins notifications temporarily not available on Messenger. Learn more about this change.

Trigger a Zap/Integromat/MailChimp/ActiveCampaigns/ConvertKit

Use this Action when creating an event for Zapier/Integromat or one of our native Integrations. More info on Zapier Integrations can be found in this article.

External Request

This action allows you to send a HTTP request to your server with different types of data.

Facebook Custom Audience

This action allows you to add user into a Custom Audience that you've created in the "ManyChat Ads" or "Business Manager".

Set Email or SMS Opt-In or Opt-Out

This action allows you to get consent from a user to send them Email or SMS messages.

Set Email or SMS Opt-In or Opt-Out

This action allows you to remove the consent from users, so they won't receive these kinds of messages anymore.