Marketers are going to love this one!

This feature allows you to set up a Randomizer Step inside your Flow. So you’ll be able to test anything inside your chatbots, from different button copies to entirely new message Flows…

As a result, you’ll be able to optimize and improve the performance of your chatbots over time.

To create the Randomizer block in the flow, just double tap/right mouse click anywhere in the flow's background and choose the needed block. 

When the block is created, you will be able to choose the percentage of subscribers who will get each of the tested variants.

When the distribution is set up, you have to choose the steps the subscribers will follow. It can be either a message, an action, a flow, a condition, another Randomizer or a Smart Delay.

Please note: once a subscriber reaches Randomizer block with the "Random path every time" checkbox unticked, they are sorted into either A or B group. Since then, it won't be possible to change the group this subscriber belongs to. So every time they receive the same flow again, they will be sent the exact same variant as before.