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Billing issues and how to resolve them

 This article will cover a couple of issues you may have come across when setting up your Pro account:

  • I don't see my invoices
  • I can't upgrade my account to Pro

I don't see my invoices

If you can't access the billing invoice you're looking for, you can reach our Support Team directly to request a copy now. 

You can contact the Support Team to request your invoice by going to the sidebar menu in ManyChat and go to Help -> Submit a Ticket:

I can't upgrade my account to Pro

If you're receiving an error when trying to upgrade your account to Pro, make sure that you are an Admin on both the Facebook business page and the ManyChat account first and try again.
Common errors when upgrading to Pro:

'Something went wrong on the server. Please try again.'

This error is commonly caused by an admin who tries to upgrade the page to Pro without having billing right on the account. To set up billing rights for your admin account, go to 'Settings' —> 'Users' from the sidebar menu and check the 'Billing' checkbox by your name and you're all set.

'Sorry, we cannot process billing request right now. Please contact our friendly support to proceed' 
This error commonly occurs when a payment attempt has been blocked by your credit card or bank (i.e. insufficient funds or a blocked transaction). In this case, please contact your bank or credit card provider for more information on why your payment isn't processing.

'Wrong or already used coupon provided.'

That error indicates that your coupon is no longer valid. Please check the coupon code to ensure it's correct. You won't be able to upgrade your account to Pro with an invalid coupon code.

'Your card was declined. Please contact our friendly support to proceed.'

This error indicates that your credit card provider declined this transaction on their side. Please reach out to your card provider to address this issue and get clarification on why this payment didn't process.
If you continue to have issues after you've tried resolving any errors with the steps above, please reach out to your Support Team at any time for assistance.

Please note: Effective December 10, 2020, new Free accounts will be limited to 1,000 contacts, which include subscribed, unsubscribed, and deleted contacts. Once the contact limit of 1,000 is reached, account owners will no longer be able to send messages to contacts through configured automations, Live Chat, and Broadcasts.