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Billing Issues and how to resolve them

There's a number of issues you may come across while setting up the "Pro" Subscription Plan or using it then. If that's the case - don't worry, just read through this article to find a quick solution to your problem!
Table of contents:

  • I don’t see all my invoices

  • I can’t upgrade my account to Pro

I don't see my invoices

In case you can't find the invoice that you've got charged for, you сan always address this issue to our Support Team. You'll be provided with an invoice or a receipt on request, so please don't hesitate to submit one. You can do that through the "Help" tab in your ManyChat account, using the "Submit a Ticket button":

I can't upgrade my account to Pro

If you've stumbled upon the issue where you cannot upgrade your subscription to PRO, what you need to do first is to make sure you are an Admin both on FB page and in ManyChat account.

'Something went wrong on the server. Please try again' error is commonly caused by an Admin who's trying to upgrade the page to Pro while not having Billing rights on this page.

While in your ManyChat account, just head to 'Settings' —> 'Users' and tick a "Billing" checkbox for yourself. And that should be it!

There can also be another error message which is not quite the same:

  • 'Sorry, we cannot process billing request right now. Please contact our friendly support to proceed' error message is mostly shown whenever your payment attempt has been declined by your bank for some reason (insufficient funds or blocked transaction, for example). In such cases you would want to check funds on your credit card and if everything's okay - contact your CC issuer for additional information.
  • 'Wrong or already used coupon provided.'

    That issue indicates that your coupon is not eligible anymore. In that case we can recommend you to use another coupon or to not use any, as the outdated coupon won't allow you to upgrade the page to Pro.

  • 'Your card was declined. Please contact our friendly support to proceed.'

    This error indicates that the bank that issued a credit card to you is blocking this particular operation for some reason. In that case there's not much that we can do on our side, so please, address this issue to your bank and explain the situation to them - hopefully you'll receive further clarification from the bank's representatives.

If your issue persists after you've followed the steps mentioned above, please reach out to our Support Team at any moment - we'll be glad to assist!