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How to connect your PayPal account

You can accept PayPal payments via Messenger. You need to connect an existing PayPal Business account to access the Buy Button in your Flow. To set up the PayPal integration, you need to create a PayPal App to receive payments that will use ManyChat's Buy Button. Let's see how you can do that and what needs to be set up inside ManyChat and PayPal.

1️⃣ Open and log into your business account. If you haven't had a business account yet you can create a new one in this website.

2️⃣ When you logged into PayPal Business account, open website Click Log into Dashboard using your Business account:

3️⃣ Click My Apps & Credentials in the Dashboard tab and then click Create App.

This App has 2 modes - Sandbox mode (for testing) and Live mode (for real transactions). In the created App you will need to set up Webhooks and transfer information to ManyChat Client_ID for Preview mode and real payments.

Please notice: if you want to test your PayPal button, you'll need to create a separate app in the Sandbox mode

4️⃣ How to set up Webhooks. In the created App click the Add Webhook button.

❗️ If you don't do that you can't see Order History in ManyChat.

You need to create a Webhook with the following information:

Webhook Url =*%PAGE_ID%*

Event types = All event types

  • How to find your PAGE_ID:

Open ManyChat with the page that you want to connect PayPal. Watch the URL link in browser. The part of url after fb and before / is your PAGE_ID:

page_id contains only numbers (without fb and / )

This Webhook was created for Sandbox mode. So, you need to switch the App state to "Live" and repeat this operation with the Webhook creation again.

To change the App state, just click on the "Live" tab and create the same webhook:

Watch the video, how to set up webhooks in PayPal:

5️⃣ And the last step. Transfer information to ManyChat Client_ID for Preview mode and real payments. Open your App and click the "Sandbox" tab. Copy-paste Client_ID from PayPal to ManyChat in the corresponding field:

Then click the "Live" tab. Сopy-paste Client_ID from PayPal to ManyChat in another field:

7️⃣ Once you entered the needed Client ID, just click "Connect PayPal Account", and that's all. You can add the Buy Button to your flows!

You can also check our article on how to create a Buy Button in a Flow: How to create Buy Button