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How to create Buy Button

To be able to use the Buy Button, first, you need to connect Stripe or PayPal to your ManyChat account.

Here you can read why your Buy Button isn't working and how to fix it.

Buy Button can be added to Card, Gallery, Image, and Video elements:

When a proper element is selected, you can create a nice display for your goods. Add a pretty picture and info about your product. Here is what the Stripe Buy Button looks like:

Here you can define Button Title, Item Price in the chosen currency, Item Name (only shows in orders history, customers won't see it), and Additional User Data which can be requested from customers. An email is requested by default.

Here is the PayPal setup:

You can define Button Title, Item Price in the chosen currency, and Item Name. For now, Additional User Data is not available for PayPal Buy Buttons.

Of course, you can connect additional blocks to Buy Button and make the payment experience for your customers as informative as possible!

When your Facebook subscribed contact receives a flow with the Buy Button and clicks on it, a web view form appears. The one for Stripe looks like this:

For Paypal, two options of payment are available:

After a successful payment contact will see another web view and receive a confirmation message from your bot.

Orders and Revenue Analytics

You can check the number and the revenue amount of all orders that were bought through the Buy Button. The revenue is calculated and displayed for each currency separately in Settings > Payments.


Where can I find Terms of Service for payments?

Check Section 7 of our ToS here.

Why isn't Apple Pay/Android Pay supported? 

Those cool features work in a browser but not directly in Messenger. In the current version, we want to focus on keeping bot interaction as consistent as possible. Still, these features might be supported in the future!

Can I connect multiple ManyChat accounts to one Stripe/PayPal account?

Please note: one Stripe or PayPal account can only be connected to one ManyChat account. If you're getting an error that your payment method can not be connected to your account, you probably have the same payment method connected to another ManyChat account already. 

If you need Payments set up on several ManyChat accounts, you'll have to connect a separate Stripe or PayPal account to each one of them.

How do I test if my payment flow is working?

To make a test purchase with Stripe you have to use a test card number 4242 4242 4242 4242 with any expiration date and CVC (your real credit card will not work in the Preview mode).

To test your PayPal button you need to use your separate Sandbox app's credentials or a different PayPal account.

How to create a shopping cart inside the bot?

Using Custom Formula in the Buy Button allows you to create a simple shopping cart inside the bot — your customers can add different items in their Custom Fields and you just need to sum up all their values at checkout. Here's an example of the flow you can create to achieve this:

And here is the formula for the Buy Button:

NOTE: any additional actions connected to the Buy button will only work after successful payment.

My Buy Button isn't working!

  1. There are several cases when Buy Button doesn't work and there's nothing to be worried about:
    Buy Button doesn't work with Android/Apple Pay directly in Messenger for now, but this feature might be supported in the future!
  2. If any additional actions linked to Buy Button do not work, it usually means that they can be activated only after successful payment.
  3. If Buy Button doesn't appear in Facebook messenger preview, you should go to Help and click the Refresh Permissions button to fix this issue!
  4. Note that whenever a customer is using Stripe Buy Button and is entering their country before purchasing, they need to enter it in a two-letter abbreviation. For example, DK for Denmark, RU for Russia, the UK for the United Kingdom, etc.

Nothing helped? Please, reach out to our Support and we'll help you shortly.

Hopefully, our Payments feature will help your business grow!