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Flow Checker

Flow Checker is a tool that shows you messages in the Flow that might not be sent to your co due to the Messenger policy changes - any message that is sent to the contact beyond 24 hours and not tagged with an appropriate tag will be blocked by ManyChat. We will do it to prevent you from violating policies.

Flow Checker highlights messages:
1. Starting from the Starting Step to the first interaction with the bot (buttons or User Input) if the Flow is triggered by a Sequence, Rule, or anything that might fire for the contact beyond 24 hours.
2. After any Smart Delays. The Flow Checker cannot track its duration, so such messages will always be highlighted by the tool.
3. After "Start another Flow" steps. The Flow Checker cannot track what's inside of this step.

Please notice: if the Flow checked indicates that the Flow is fully compliant and doesn't have any issues in it, but the "Action needed" message still appears on the Dashboard - that indicates that highlighted Flows are being sent out outside the 24-hour window. 

We've prepared several automatic options to check your bot and all the Flows for compliance with new Facebook rules.

Flow Checker can be found inside every Flow. It shows the messages that must be tagged to be sent to your contacts properly.
Also, you can check Messaging Window Compliance Monitoring available for all your accounts. This report helps you track bots that attempted to message someone after 24-hours since their last interaction without a specified reason.

Please note that ManyChat automatically blocks all the untagged messages sent outside the 24-hour window, so the bot wouldn't violate any rules. You are able to review the errors in the Flow and fix them before the next sending. 

To learn more about the policy changes, please make sure to read the master guide below - it has plenty of helpful information: