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Sample Flows for everything

This article is dedicated to different little set-ups that are often tricky or long to figure out and build manually. We offer some examples of Flows on different cases that will help you to understand possibilities of the bot itself and try out different things for your business.

1.  This Flow demonstrates how to setup your broadcast to avoid hitting message sending limits:

2. This Flow is designed to launch a reminder about User Input that the user didn't fill out in time:

3. This Flow will notify you if the user skipped a Button block and didn't continue the Flow:

4. This Flow allows your subscriber to collect several items and pay for all of them at once, like a basket:

5. This setup makes sure that the Flow is sent to each user only once to avoid spamming them:

6. This Flow demonstrates how you can launch a quiz for your subscribers:

7. This Flow demonstrates how you can launch a survey for your subscribers:

8. This Flow will help to demonstrate how you can send a notification to the non-admin user of your bot

9. This Flow makes sure that each subscriber will get a coupon for your items only once:

10. This Flow allows you to run a quick selling quiz that let's user out after 2 mistakes:

11. This Flow allows you to automatically distribute users to different Flows depending on their local language (locale):

12. This Flow demonstrates how you can launch a random number generator:

13. This Flow allows you to check the time the user registered for your event/offer/sale and find out if he's late or not:

14. This Flow is designed to collect e-mails and opt-ins for them for our E-mail Integration:
It is accompanied by the same Flow for the SMS integration: