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Facebook Comments Trigger 2.0

Facebook Comments Triggers 2.0 unlocks the power of the Flow Builder for campaigns starting with a comment to a post from your Facebook Business Page.

Quite similar to the Comments Growth Tool, it fires when someone comments on a post, but allows you to add various blocks before a reply.

To start, create a new blank Flow, click on the Add Trigger button inside Starting Step and choose a new "Comments Trigger" from the modal.

As you see, you'll have to:

1. Select a specific post from the Page you'd like to connect to the widget or choose the trigger to work on all posts (Pro plan feature).
2. Enable "Track first-level comments only" option - it will disable the growth tool for second-level comments (i.e. replies).
3. Decide if you want the user to leave a certain comment (meaning that other comments will not be recognized) or if you want to exclude certain words (meaning that they will not trigger the Auto-response message also). You can actually leave these last 2 fields empty so any comment under the post can trigger the Auto-response message.
Please note that the Comments Trigger works for Published posts on your FB Page, in-progress FB Live posts and Scheduled posts and Boosted posts, but it might not work correctly with Ad posts created in the Ads Manager (for more details, read 'Post Selector' section below, paragraphs 3 and 4).


  • The tool works with new and old posts, but the bot won't recognize already existing comments left in the old posts' comment sections. 
  • The widget doesn't work with posts in Groups or on Personal Profiles on FB.
  • If you have 'All posts' Comments Trigger and another one connected to a specific post, be aware that the specific post Comments Trigger will have a priority over the 'All posts' one and will be the only one to fire

Select a post

Let's talk a bit more about the posts that you can connect.

To choose a post, click 'Select A Post' button in the 'Settings' tab of the trigger - you will see 4 tabs where posts can be chosen:

1. Published Posts.

'Published Posts' tab includes all posts on your business page - it could be text, photo, video or live video types of posts. Keep in mind that photos and videos should be uploaded to the post from your device - if you add items from the 'Photos' or 'Videos' section of your Fan Page to the post, it might not work as expected with the Comments widget. Only post entities are supported to collect comments and send private Auto-responses to the users eventually.

ManyChat doesn't support Event, Offer and Job types of posts, as well as any reposted posts from other pages.

So, the safest way to connect Comments widget to a certain post on your Fan Page is to choose it from the 'Published Posts' tab.

2. Scheduled Posts.

ManyChat also supports Facebook's scheduled posts - you can choose one from the 'Scheduled Posts' tab and the widget will start collecting comments and sending Auto-response messages to users as soon as the post becomes public.

3. Promotable Posts.

'Promoted Posts' tab includes Ad posts, Dark Posts, Boosted posts and any other posts that can be promoted on Facebook.

Ad posts created in Facebook Ads Manager can be found in this tab. We recommend selecting Ad posts from this list to prevent issues with the invalid post ID.

4. Custom

'Custom' tab allows you to find and connect the post by entering the Facebook post's URL or ID. However, we do not recommend connecting posts to the widget like this (especially Ad posts created in the Ads manager) - ManyChat is not responsible for any errors and issues caused by this method of picking posts.

5. All posts

If you want to set the trigger for every post, you just need to choose 'All posts' from the list, after that, any comment will trigger the response. 

Please note:

1. If you have a Comments Trigger for a specific post, it will trigger, but the All Posts tool will not. 

2. If you have two Comments Triggers for All Post on one page, the one created the latest will trigger. 

3. If you comment on two or more posts on the page with All Posts Comments Trigger, the response will be triggered every time. 

Configure a reply

The main perk of the Comments Trigger is the ability to build different automation based on the contact status. 

Sending a Comment Reply to a Guest
When a person comments on a post with the Comments Trigger bound, it becomes a Guest.

A Guest is a special status of your Contact. Guests are not counted in Pro Subscription limits and by default aren't visible inside the Audience. Read more about different Contact statuses here.

If you want to send a message to Guests after they comment on a post, you'll have to use a special "Comment Reply" Content type. Please note that a person needs to interact with buttons inside a Comment Reply to become a Contact. 

Sending a regular Message to a Contact

You can use the Condition block to build different logic for Contacts and Guests.

For doing that, just use the Existing Contact field:


  • Facebook Comments widget processes 20 comments per minute - this limitation is implemented intentionally so Facebook cannot ban your Page for spamming users.
  • For now, the widget can only be tested once by the same user due to FB's API restrictions - if you've received the Auto-response, that means the tool is working as expected and there's no need for further testing.
  • The widget only works with comments from Personal Facebook profiles - leaving a comment on behalf of your FB Page will not trigger the Auto-response.
  • You won't be able to connect posts from your FB Page to the widget if there are any country/age restrictions set up on your Page. Please remove the restrictions to let the tool work as intended.
  • Please keep in mind that due to technical limitations ManyChat can't track exactly 100% of new contacts who opt-in via Facebook Comments. All unmatched ones will become contacts but won’t get an Opt-In Message.
  • Facebook Comments widget only works with comments left under the original post on your Fan Page - shared posts are not supported for now, unfortunately. Hopefully FB allows more options in the foreseeable future!

Regarding posts with multiple pictures.

There are two ways such posts (a gallery) can be created:
1. Manually by the user in the page's feed: user creates a post, adding all the pics via 'Upload photos/video' or 'Create Photo Album' sections and publishes it.

2. Auto-generated by Facebook when the user creates/updates an album in the Photos section of the Fan Page.

Comments widget will treat these two types of posts differently:
[1]-type of post will work with the Comments widget when users leave a comment under the post or in the comment section of the 1st picture in its gallery, but not the other pictures.

[2]-type of a post will only work with the Comments widget when users leave a comment in the comment section of the 1st picture in the gallery, but not the other pictures.

Hopefully, this information helps. Go and get the most out of Facebook Comments Growth Tool!