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'Main Menu' in ManyChat

Here's a quick overview of what the Main Menu looks like, from a contact's perspective.

What is Main Menu?

Main Menu is a simple way to provide your Facebook subscribed contact with always accessible options, like a help button which will send the contact a message with useful information, or a link to your main website. 

Your Main Menu is displayed when a contact clicks on the hamburger button in your page's Messenger.

How to Set Up Main Menu? 

You can create and edit these options in Settings -> Messenger -> Main Menu:

There are several points that you need to keep in mind:

  • The number of menu items can be up to 20 for Pro accounts and up to 3 for free accounts.
  • Only "Reply with message" items can have Actions attached to it:

Lastly, after you have made all needed changes and edits, don't forget to save them by clicking "Update Main Menu" button at the top right corner:

If you noticed that your Main Menu disappeared from your page, edit it by adding any symbol (like a dot or a comma) and click the "Update Main Menu" button, and then deleting this symbol to update Menu once again with their previous settings. The reason why it happens is that Main Menu disconnects from Messenger every time the FB page is disconnected from ManyChat.

Dynamic Menu

Dynamic Menu allows you to create and customize different menus and apply them to your contacts in the automation.

Let's say you have 20% off for the first purchase, once your contacts make this purchase, they don't need this item anymore. Once they make their first order, you can attach a new Persistent Menu to the particular user right inside the automation.

You can set a new Menu with the Action, which allows you to update a set of Menu items on the fly for every contact depending on their actions.

The new Action can set up the new Menu for the particular contact inside the automation or with Rules, once a tag is applied or the User Field value is changed.

While you have one Default Persistent Menu, you can add custom Menu entity with totally different menu items.

You can set up a custom Menu for the particular Messenger subscribed contact with the "Set Main Menu" Action in the Flow or use it in Rules (for example, once the Tag is applied).

While you change the items in the particular Menu, it is updated for every customer it was attached to.