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How to set up Greeting Text

The Greeting Text is one of the first things people see when they click “Send Message” button on your Facebook page. It’s displayed above the “Get Started” button in the chat window and is visible to all people before they start a conversation with your page.  

The Greeting Text is a great way to give a summary of your page's specifics or your bot’s functionality. The text is limited to 160 characters, it may include variables and emoji. 

To set up the Greeting Text, go to Settings -> General tab -> Greeting Text. Type your text in the box and save it by clicking “Save” button below. You can also preview the Greeting Text: to do so, click “See how it looks” under the text box. 

And here is what you get:

Well-chosen Greeting Text may help you increase conversion rate, so make sure to set up one for your bot right away! :) 

NOTE: Due to Facebook limitations, Greeting Text is only displayed in Messenger on mobile and in minimized Messenger window on desktop. If you open the full Messenger window on desktop, the Greeting Text will not be shown.


If you can't publish your Greeting Text, pay attention to the error message that comes up. If it mentions that you don't have enough permissions for this action, ask other page admins to make you the Admin on this page (only admins have the right to publish the Greeting Text). If you're already the Admin, but still getting this error, try clicking Refresh Permissions button in the Help section of your account and publish the text again. 

If nothing of the above helps, shoot us a support ticket mentioning the troubleshooting steps you've already tried.