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Get Started Button / Welcome Message

Messenger Marketing is all about setting expectations for your contacts. Anastasia is here to help you see what your contacts will see when they hit the "Get Started" button to start a conversation with you.

The "Get Started" Button

You probably see your new contacts sending you this "Get Started" message all the time. So... where does it come from? Here’s the deal: upon clicking the "Send Message" button on your Facebook page, your potential contact sees the chat window with the "Get Started" button at the bottom. 

Here's an example:

A person can’t send your page any messages unless they click on "Get Started". This button is provided by Facebook and is a mandatory feature for every chatbot. 

When clicked, the "Get Started" button triggers an auto-message. Here's what it looks like:

The best thing about this "Get Started" message is that once it’s sent, the sender gets automatically subscribed to your account! That means, for every "Get Started" message you receive, you've also just gained a Messenger subscribed contact!

"Get Started" message FAQs

1. Is it possible to customize the "Get Started" button? 

Unfortunately not, as it’s a Facebook’s feature - not a Manychat feature. 

2. Can I disable this button? 

Not for now. However, we may add this possibility in the future. It totally depends on how Facebook decides to define an "opt-in event" in the future.

Welcome Your Contacts!

As soon as you get a new Messenger subscribed contact, Manychat is here to help people 'break the ice' with your bot. It’s done by sending the Welcome Message, which is the first message people receive from your Facebook page.
The Welcome Message is the best opportunity to introduce people to your page, provide a description of your business or share any other important introductory information.

The other cool thing about the Welcome Message is that by interacting with it your contacts may call you, get tagged, subscribed to a Sequence and perform many more actions! All you have to do is set up the buttons according to your needs. 

Once you’ve published and enabled your Welcome Message, it’ll be instantly sent to your contacts after they click "Get Started".

To set up your Welcome Message, go to Settings -> Messenger:

NOTE: The Welcome Message is sent to your Messenger subscribed contacts only once at the very beginning of their correspondence with your page upon clicking "Get Started" button - it won't be triggered in any other case.