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Condition Block


Condition block is the tool you would certainly want to use whenever you need to send your contacts down different paths depending on some requirements.

To add a Condition to your flow, double-click anywhere in the Flow Builder and choose '+ Condition' as shown in the screenshot below. 

Just choose a condition and then choose different paths for customers who match these conditions and for those who do not match them.


Tags in a Condition Block

For example, you can add different tags to your contacts and then depending on these tags send them one message or another.

Sequences in a Condition Block

Or you have several sequences you want your visitors to see one after another. You can check if the customer is subscribed to the first one, and, if yes, subscribe him to the second one:


It is also possible to use System Field or even Custom User Fields information as a condition. For example, you have a quiz only available for women:

You can even use several conditions in one block and make your contacts go down the flow if he/she meets all of them or any of them.


All in all, condition block is one of the most versatile tools as it lets you create pretty complex bots, so feel free to experiment and see what you'll be able to create!