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My Profile provides a quick overview of your personal account, connected pages, created templates, and Agency settings. 

Click on "My Profile" at the bottom of the left sidebar:

The "Accounts" section contains the following information about each page:

  • Name
  • Subscription: shows bot subscription status;
  • Role: shows your ManyChat and Facebook roles at the page. Learn more about Roles here;
  • Open Live Chats: shows how many LiveChat threads are opened on each page;
  • Active Contacts: shows an actual number of people currently subscribed to your bot;
  • MAC (visible only for Agency Program members): shows Monthly Active Conversations. The metric is updated once a day. N MAC means that N contacts interacted with your bot during the last month, that is wrote something or clicked on any buttons of your messages;
  • Pin: allows you to pin your favorite accounts in the sidebar as not to waste time searching frequently used accounts;
  • Hide: allows you to hide accounts you rarely use. These accounts won’t be shown in your sidebar, but you can still find them at the bottom of "My profile page" if necessary;
  • If the connection to any of your pages is lost, this page will appear at the top of the list. To reconnect the page click on the "Reconnect” button or contact an Admin;
  • If there are any updates, you can access them through the window in the lower right corner.


  • Search and sort: you can search pages by the name or sort them by each of the columns by pressing on the column title;

  • Add new account: to connect a new Unified account, press “+ Add New Account” button;
  • Log out: to log out or change verified email, click on your name in the upper-right corner;
  • Go to page: if you'd like to go to any of the pages, click on its row.

The "Templates" section displays templates you created. Select an existing template from My Templates.

Or create a new one by clicking the  "+ New Template" button.

Select the account content for your template.

The "Agency" section contains full information about the status of your Agency and what you need to upgrade it:

Edit your Agency Profile:

View your current benefits and download the badge here:

Check your commissions at They're automatically sent to your PartnerStack account when the payment is made:

Go to the "Settings" section to find the Profile API here:

This is Compliance Monitoring:
If there's an issue, you will see a report with Flows blocked on ManyChat (they don't reach Facebook), the reason for the block, and the number of attempts. Check that none of the messages are sent after 24 hours via Smart Delays or manually with Broadcasts.

For assistance, click the "Help" button at the bottom of each page.

The "Applications" section: review here to learn more.