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Can't publish Welcome Message

If you click 'Publish' button in your Welcome Message flow, but an error from the system shows up which makes publishing impossible, be sure to read what the error message says. It will point out the problem that has to be fixed. For example, if you get the error message below, this means that you have a button in a message that doesn't have any reply attached to it:

Attaching the reply to the button will solve the issue and then you'll be able to publish the flow.

If the error you're seeing is saying something else and you can't figure out what the issue is exactly, try switching to Flow Builder view - in this case, when the error appears, the flow will automatically focus on the problematic block which will be highlighted in red. Seeing this block, it should become more clear what the issue might be. 

Another problem may occur when you can't activate the Welcome Message that is already published. If you see the following error (screenshot below), most probably the issue is that you don't have a necessary Page Role on FB to activate the Welcome Message on this page. To fix the issue, you have to ask the page admin to give you the 'Admin' or 'Editor' Page Role on Facebook. When it's done, refresh permissions in ManyChat and try publishing the Welcome Message again.

Welcome Message isn't sent

If you've set up your Welcome Message properly following the instructions, but it's not being sent to your Facebook subscribed contacts, here's several things to consider:

1. Have your contacts clicked the 'Get Started' button in your Facebook page Messenger? Remember that until they click it, they won't get the Welcome Message. 

2. Make sure that people you're looking at have subscribed to your bot exactly by messaging the page directly on Facebook - this is the only way to receive the Welcome Message. 

3. If all mentioned above is correct, make sure to check Settings -> Logs in your ManyChat account. It could be that your bot lost connection to a Facebook page, or some other error occurred which prevented the bot from reaching out to your contacts.

4. Try testing your Welcome Message yourself. If you are not subscribed to your bot yet, all you have to do is open your Fan (Business) Page on Facebook, hover over 'Send Message' button and choose 'Test button' option in the small drop menu, then click 'Get Started' in Messenger - this will trigger the Welcome Message.

If you have already communicated with your bot, you have to delete you conversation on Facebook and message the page again following the steps above.

If nothing helped and the Welcome Message still doesn't fire, be sure to submit a ticket to our Support Team providing maximum details on the matter. 

P.S. Don't forget to check if your Welcome Message is enabled ;)

Flow used as Welcome Message is deleted

If you see this in Settings -> Messenger -> Welcome Message, this means that your Welcome Message Flow was deleted.

If you deleted it by accident and you'd like to restore, please go to Flows -> Trash Folder. There you'll find your Welcome Message Flow. Now you can either delete it permanently or restore:

If you restore it, it will not be attached back to your Welcome Message automatically. The Flow will appear in the Flows tab. To attach it to Welcome Message, please go to Settings -> Messenger -> Welcome Message -> Set Another Flow -> choose the Welcome Message Flow you've just restored.
If you'd like to set up another Flow, you can go to Settings -> Messenger -> Welcome Message -> Set Another Flow -> Create New Flow.

Wrong Welcome Message is Sent to User

If it's not something you've set up in ManyChat, this means that this message is sent by some other chat bot connected to your page, or maybe Facebook Automated Responses if you set them up. 
To edit and disable Automated Responses, please go into the Page's Settings -> Messaging -> Automated Responses.

To check whether you have other chat bot apps connected to your Facebook page, open You can disable the connected applications there, if necessary.
In case you came across any other error message, or the instructions above didn't help, be sure to shoot a ticket to our Support Team.