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How to connect Stripe account

Great news - now you are able to receive payments in Messenger and Instagram using ManyChat!

Let's see how you can do that and what to set up in your ManyChat account.

Open the Settings section in ManyChat and click the Payments tab:

Here you can connect Stripe account, select currency type for your Buy Buttons, and select payments notifications type. Order History for all purchases can also be found in this tab. 

Click on Add Or Create a Stripe account to log in to the Stripe system. 

You need to be an admin on ManyChat and on Stripe in order to connect your account. Otherwise, an error will appear and you won't be able to proceed.

Please note: one Stripe account can only be connected to one ManyChat page. If you're getting an error that Stripe can not be connected to your page, you probably already have this Stripe account connected to another ManyChat page. 

If you need Payments set up on several ManyChat pages, you'll have to connect a separate Stripe account to each page.

If you have a new Stripe account, you will need to add some additional info about your business. Stripe isn't available in all countries - the list of countries your business must be based in to use Stripe is included here:

When the Stripe account is successfully connected, you can add Buy Button to your flows - please learn more here: How to create Buy Button.