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SMS User Replies

With User Replies building a multi-step SMS campaign inside ManyChat becomes a no-brainer.

What is SMS User Reply

User Reply lets you specify what to do if a contaact answers to your text.

For instance, you can ask your customers to rate your service from 1 to 5 and send a discount to happy customers, and a link to a survey to unhappy ones. User Reply lets you specify what to do if a contact answers to your text.

  • Note that keywords like “YES” and “START” that a contact writes in their SMS response will be processed by Twilio automation and not the ManyChat automation! In that case, keywords will be recognized as the opt-in keywords and make that subscribe viable to receive your SMS message (if they are not already viable for that).
  • Following the same logic, keywords like “STOP”, “UNSTOP”, “UNSUBSCRIBE”, and “CANCEL” will opt the person out of receiving SMS messages so you won’t be able to send them your automated SMS, regardless of how you set up SMS keywords on the ManyChat side!

How to create an SMS User Reply

First, click “Add User Reply” inside a Send SMS step:

Then, you need to type a word or a number and select next step:

Now, if a contact replies with this exact text, the flow will continue.

If a contact replies with something else - nothing will happen, but you will be able to see the response in LiveChat. That said, you can always set up a Fallback option for such cases. That way, in case a contact answers incorrectly – whatever is tied to the Fallback option would trigger instead.