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Overlay Widget: SMS Modal

This type of Widget allows you to get new SMS leads. You can install SMS Modal Widget on the site and collect phone numbers.

How it works: the user sees a widget. After that, the user selects a country, enters a phone number, and presses a button to subscribe. After the phone number has been entered, you will see this contact in the Contacts tab. Widget is only going to appear after you activate your SMS channel. More on that can be found here.

How to set it up

Go to Growth Tools -> Widgets -> and select SMS Modal.

To install the widget you need to fill out 4 sections:

Initial State — set up your Widget appearance.
Submitted State — set up what it will look after your visitor submits the Button.
Opt-In Actions — set up the Message your visitors will get after they interact with it.
Setup — authorize your websites and copy the Widget code.

Initial State — set up your Widget appearance behavior.

Appearance settings:

- Background image (including opacity setting) - allows you to upload a background image to the entire widget. Use opacity to control the brightness of the picture. You can make it light or dark.
- Colors - use these options to manage the colors of texts: headline, background, button background, button text, and legal text.
- Button Title - use this option to write a text that will motivate your customers to click on the button.
- Image - In addition to uploading a picture to the entire widget, you can also upload a picture inside the widget. Control a placement by using the image placement option.

Please note: your Legal Text color should be bright and legible. You cannot activate widget without confirming this action. New subscribers must see and understand that by subscribing they are agreeing to receive text messages from you.

Widget behavior:

- When Does It Display — allows you to set the condition when it's displayed to your visitors: Immediately, % scrolled, Exit Intent, seconds have passed or even when scrolling to an element with target ID.
- Show Widget To The Same User Again After — allows you to hide the Widget from the same visitor for a desired period of time.
- If Manually Closed By A User, Show After — if you allow your visitors to close this Widget, you can set up a delay after which it will appear again.

Submitted State

Appearance settings:

- Colors - use these options to manage the colors of texts: headline, background, description.
- Image - you can upload a picture inside the widget. Control a placement by using the image placement option.

Opt-In Actions

- Opt-in message - here you create a Message for your Widget, the one user gets after they click the widget button. You can edit an existing Message or Replace it with another one from your Account Content.


Step A: authorize your website. Insert your website domain and click Add, it will appear in the Authorized Websites list.

Please note: you can authorize up to 10 websites per one Page, they will appear in the websites list for every new Growth Tool.

Step B: copy the code and paste it in

section on your website (the same place you insert your Google Analytics script).

For example, if you are on WordPress, you can manage your

section with Insert Headers and Footers plugin:

Removing ManyChat logo from the Growth Tools

Pro ManyChat users can remove the logo from their Growth Tools in the account settings:

SMS Modal appearance on iOS

Please note that on iOS the SMS modal does look and work a bit different from the desktop variant:

It doesn't have a field to input a phone, instead, upon clicking on the 'Subscribe' button, it opens Messages on your iOS device with a pre-filled 'Subscribe' message to the phone number of your Bot:

In order to get subscribed, you now need to send the message, and that's it!

Widget's Default Country

Right now, the SMS Modal widget works with all countries, but you may notice that the modal defaults to a certain country with the corresponding country code when you open it in your browser. That is because the country code is based on the browser's locale. The aforementioned locale can be found by opening the browser's console and entering "window.navigator.language" without brackets. This would show the locale and also what country the SMS widget would default itself to.