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Facebook Shop Message

Facebook Shop Message Growth Tool allows you to set up the automation and start the Flow once someone asks a question about the product (you can send the automation to interact with leads and convert them into customers or just notify Admins about the new request).

Also, you'll be able to see messages from Facebook Shops in Live Chat along with the product template this message was sent from (image, title, and price). This gives live chat agents more context on what customers are referring their questions to.

Once you create a Flow, you're able to add a trigger that will send this Flow as a reply to their message. It can consist of some common answers, provide more information about the product, or notify you about the new message. 

Keep in mind that all messages from your Shop will trigger this automation so make sure you have only one Flow triggered. We continue to extend the integration to provide the ability to trigger different messages depending on the item they were sent from.