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Dev Program - App Setup Groups

For most apps, users are required to configure authorisation. Using App Setup block, you can prompt your users to provide

  • API keys, tokens, passwords
  • global variables (like base URL, location, language etc)

In some cases, it’s not enough to have only one App Setup group.

Connecting app to test and production environment, different 3rd party accounts requires multiple groups.

To enable these use cases, we allow assigning “group” attribute to auth parameters.

"params": [
        "name": "api_key",
        "group": true,
        "title": "Enter Your API Key"

Parameters marked as “group” can be specified multiple times, users can click "add another group" as many times as needed. Each group can have its own name for easy identification in flow builder nodes.

If two or more groups are specified, the action node is rendered as below. Before saving this node, users should choose the group to be used.

The action will be executed with a particular group. In the example above users will be able to connect the app to the test environment, check how it works and then switch to live setup.