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Instagram Story Mention Reply

This ManyChat feature allows using Story Mentions as a trigger, replying instantly to anyone who mentions your Instagram page in their Instagram Story. 

  • Note: In order to trigger Story Mention automations, the Story Mention should start with "@"; also, this feature can only be triggered for public accounts.

There are endless uses for automating Story Mentions messages, but just to list a few: you can send short thank-you notes, start entire automated conversations, and even trigger business automations. Story Mentions Triggers support customer engagement at scale and help businesses kick off conversations from a simple mention.

How to Set Up Story Mention Replies

  • Go to your Account Settings —> Instagram —> Story Mention Reply

  • Click Send Story Mention Reply, and you'll be redirected to the Flow Builder page. 

Once you're in Flow Builder, you can create an automated Flow that will be triggered every time your business is mentioned in Stories. When the Flow is ready, click PublishYou can preview the Flow before publishing by clicking the Preview button.

On this page, you can also set up a rule to determine when the Story Mention Reply will be triggered to individual users: Either every time a user activates your trigger or once every 24 hours.

When the Flow is ready, click Publish. You can also preview the Flow before publishing by clicking the Preview button.

After you've published your Flow, you're good to go!