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How to Reach Out to Manychat Support

Manychat wishes to provide you with the best experience in Messenger Marketing! We have different sources where you can get support on various queries. Here they are.

Manychat Support

Here, by submitting a ticket, you can address any technical issues that you have with the platform in case the Knowledge Base does not provide information on how to resolve it!

If you can't log in to the portal, use this link to report your problem instead.

Manychat Knowledge Base

Here, you can find all the relevant info about all the features that the Manychat platform has, from Triggers to Integrations, and more.

Manychat Community

Join our community full of Manychat users, both enthusiasts and experts alike! Discussions and questions for how to set up a specific chatbot, what the best business practices are, and other practical queries can be found here!

Manychat Community For Developers

This is the community where you can submit questions about applications you install onto Manychat or get some insights into your own work if you're planning to create an application yourself!