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Broadcasting in Telegram

This article is also available in Russian, click here to learn more.

Broadcasting is a great ManyChat feature that helps you grow your business metrics by interacting with your Contacts list. One can segment an audience based on a number of different custom criteria and then reactivate, re-engage, send notifications, reminders, or follow-ups. The 24-hour rule does not apply to the Telegram channel which means you are not limited time-wise but please keep in mind that your contact can still stop or unsubscribe from your bot at any time and will not be able to receive your message in that case. Here are some examples of use cases for Telegram broadcasting:

  • Send out promo codes or time-limited coupons;
  • Remind about an upcoming webinar;
  • Send out a link to an online event;
  • Follow up after an event.

Note that Telegram messaging API is throttling messages with 1 RPS per user. This means that each contact in Telegram will be able to receive 1 message per second. When that limit is breached, the system stops sending messages to that contact and tries to send the message again. Please keep that in mind when sending a Broadcast as it will take some time to fully send it to a large number of people.

How to create a Telegram broadcast?

There exist two major options for broadcasting:

1. You can broadcast from an existing flow: to do so, go to your ManyChat account > Broadcasting > Broadcast From Flow and pick a flow from the list. Note that you can make changes to the broadcast flow and these changes will not affect the original flow because you'll be editing an automatically created copy.

2. You can create a broadcast from scratch

To create a new Telegram broadcast, go to your ManyChat account > Broadcasting > New Broadcast.

Depending on which channels are enabled for your account, you might see a modal window. Choose Telegram to be redirected to the next step.

Pretty much like in the Flowbuilder create a node or a flow that you would like to send out to your Telegram contacts. E.g., you can add different content types, including video, audio, or images. To keep an engaged conversation with your contacts, you may also want to try using the Telegram menu or buttons. Note that you can specify an action for each reply: for example, add or remove a tag, notify admin, subscribe contacts to sequences, and many more. 

Next, go to the Settings tab and set up targeting conditions. You might want to use a specific tag or segment for this broadcast and schedule sending: either send it right away or schedule for later.

When all tags are applied, you are able to see the contacts that match these conditions and are able to receive your message. 

Prior to sending your broadcast, you can preview it by tapping the 'Preview' button: the flow will be sent to your bot.

When all settings are set up, click 'Send Now'.

Now you are good to go!