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Getting Started: How to Create a Telegram Bot in Manychat

This article is also available in Russian, please click here to learn more.

Creating a new Telegram bot in Manychat is pretty easy, even if you haven't done so before.

Go to your Manychat account > Settings > Telegram. Click 'Connect' to get started.

At this step, choose 'Create New Bot'.

You'll be redirected to the page this an easy step-by-step instruction. Just follow them to connect your bot.

Click on @BotFather: this is a bot that helps you to create a token that you need to insert to Manychat in order to set your own bot live. At this step, you'll be redirected to the Telegram app: please make sure you have it installed on your device.

Open a chat with @BotFather and click the /start command. In the appeared list of commands, click /newbot.

You'll be asked to create a bot name and user name.

User name appears in your Bot Info.

Bot name is the handle of the bot and must contain "_bot" at the end of it. It is a unique combination, so please keep in mind some bot names can be already taken by other users. If it is the case, Botfather will let you know and suggest creating another bot name.

At the last step, the bot will be created and the bot token will be generated. 

Copy this token and paste it to Manychat.

Now your bot is successfully connected to Manychat. You are good to go!