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Merging Telegram and Instagram Contacts

This article is also available in Russian, click here to learn more. 

Imagine being able to opt-in your ManyChat contacts via Instagram and then lead them to your Telegram bot to re-engage with them at any time, as the 24-hour rule does not apply to the Telegram channel. For that specific strategy, we have developed a new exciting ManyChat feature — contacts merging. It helps you to build flows that contain both Instagram and Telegram nodes and merge your contacts when they are being redirected from one channel to another, saving opt-in information in one Contact card. 

How can I merge Instagram and Telegram Contacts in ManyChat?

To build such a flow, go to your ManyChat account and open the Flowbuilder to start building a flow. Note that you will not be able to use the Telegram node as a next step: you can use buttons and Quick replies instead.

Alternatively, you can also check Telegram opt-in via Condition as a next step.

Now you can test your flow and set it live.

After your contacts opt-in to both channels, their information merges and you will be able to see both channels on the contact card.