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Remove WhatsApp Integration

Manychat allows you to remove the WhatsApp integration. We recommend deleting the integration in following cases:

  • You don't use the integration
  • You want to connect another phone number for your WhatsApp business and use it within Manychat
  • You want to connect another WhatsApp Business Account to Manychat

To remove your WhatsApp integration from Manychat please go to the Settings → WhatsApp and proceed to the "Remove WhatsApp Account from Manychat" section:

When you click the "Remove" button you'll see a modal with further information. Please read everything carefully before removing your channel. Consider the consequences of removing WhatsApp account:

  • All your Flows will be stopped
  • Number provided by Manychat will be lost
  • You won’t be able to respond using LiveChat or mobile apps
  • You won’t be able to send any of your current Message Templates unless you connect back to the same WhatsApp Business Account

⚠️NOTE! Due to WhatsApp Business API limitations removing WhatsApp integration from Manychat won't let you use your phone number with other WhatsApp apps (WhatsApp Business App, WhatsApp Consumer App) until you delete that phone number from your Business Manager.

To delete your phone number from Business Manager go to your Business Manager → Settings → WhatsApp Accounts → Click your account name → Settings tab → WhatsApp Manager → Click trash bin icon next to the number you want to release:

Do not do this if you want to keep using this number for WhatsApp Business Api (automation use cases). Note, that it might take some time after you disconnect WhatsApp from Manychat for the trash bin to appear.

⚠️NOTE! If your phone number was provided by ManyChat you won’t be able to reconnect WhatsApp using this number and will need to use a new one.