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WhatsApp: Verification Quick Guide

To connect WhatsApp and Manychat and start using Message Templates, you need to match the following criteria:

  1. Business Verification: Verified;
  2. Account Status: Approved;
  3. Credit line: Manychat (after connecting WABA to Manychat);
  4. Phone Number Status: can be Pending or Offline. It will become Connected after connecting WABA to Manychat;
  5. Phone Number Quality: Normal or High;
  6. Display Name: Approved;
  7. Messaging Limit: 1K Customers/24hr.

More about WhatsApp Business Accounts (WABA).


  1. If Business Verification isn't Verified, it means that Meta still hasn't verified your WABA. Go to Facebook Business Manager for your WABA→ Settings → Security Center and click "Start Verification" button. More about WABA verification.
  2. If your Account Status isn't Approved, you won't be able to connect a number to your WABA. Please finish verification of your WABA. If it doesn't help, contact Meta support. Head to WhatsApp Manager, find the question mark 'Help' button in the bottom left corner, then click 'Contact support.'
  3. If your Credit Line contains name other than Manychat, contact your previous integration and ask them to remove it. WA integrations called BSP — Business Solution Providers. If your Credit Line is Empty after connecting to Manychat, please contact our support.
  4. If your Phone Number Status isn't Connected, please try to delete that number from WABA and connect it again.
  5. If your Phone Number Quality is lower than Normal, please check WhatsApp Business Messaging Policy and do your best to follow it always. More about Quality Rating.
  6. If your Display Name isn't Approved, wait for 24 hours. If it doesn't help, check Display Name guidelines and contact Meta support.
  7. If your Messaging Limit is lower than 1K or 500, you need to start sending Message Templates through Broadcasting. Even at 250/24hr, you will already be able to create Message Templates. When Messaging Limit is updated to 1K, you will be able to send MT through Live Chat as well.

You can also find more information and guiding screenshots in our article How to check if your WhatsApp Account is ready to use.