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WhatsApp Pricing Quick Guide

WhatsApp charges per conversation, not per individual message. Conversations are 24 or 72-hour message threads between you and your customers. They are opened when messages you send to customers are delivered. More about pricing.
The final price for a single conversation depends on the country code of the contact’s number: the list of country-specific price rates.

Your ManyChat wallet is used to pay for conversations. Funds will be deducted from your Wallet immediately after the conversation starts. 1 transaction record in your usage history = 1 conversation.

WhatsApp requires you to pay for both business (outbound) & contact-initiated (inbound) conversations.
Each account gets 1000 free contact-initiated conversations per month.

If contact messages you directly through WhatsApp, the opened contact-initiated conversation is free for 24 hours.

Contact-initiated conversations are free for 72 hours if a Free entry point conversation is used. A free entry point conversation is opened if (1) a customer using a device running Android or iOS messages you via a Click to WhatsApp Ad or Facebook Page Call-to-Action button and (2) you respond within 24 hours.

If a business replies to a user with a Message Template or sends a Message Template in an open service conversation, this opens a new conversation based on the template category. This conversation lasts for 24 hours. You can only have 1 conversation of each type with 1 customer (for example, you can't have 2 Marketing Conversations with the same customer at the same time).

If you have several ManyChat accounts connected to one WABA, 1000 free conversations will be distributed among all connected ManyChat accounts on a first-come, first-served basis.