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Ownership and Account Settings

Team Roles

In Manychat, there are several roles for people in your team.

  1. Owner — the person who created the Manychat account or who was granted Ownership by the creator of the account. Owners can change any team & account settings. Ownership can be passed to another person from the Team settings.
  2. Admin — the person who can access & edit any account settings, but can't remove the Owner from the account.
  3. Editor — can't properly connect new channels & channel settings, but still has access to most of the settings.
  4. Live Chat Agent & Viewer are reserved for the specific roles in the team.

There's also a separate Billing permissions toggle per each team member that unlock access to the Billing tab.

Ownership Logic

The most important thing to remember is that Manychat Ownership doesn't depend on Facebook / Instagram / WhatsApp ownership.

  • If you're an Admin of the Manychat-connected FB page, it won't make you automatically an Owner or an Admin of the Manychat account.
  • Ownership of the MC account only depends on who created the Manychat account, doesn't matter what channel was connected first.
  • But if you're the Owner of the Facebook page, you can still ask Manychat support to disconnect that FB page from any account.

Disconnecting your FB/IG from Manychat

If someone connected your Facebook page to Manychat for you, and you want to get the Ownership over the Manychat account for your FB page, there are two options.

  1. Get that person to transfer Ownership to you;
  2. You can contact the support team and, if you send the evidence of your ownership for the said Facebook page, we will disconnect it from the Manychat account. After that, you will be able to connect it to your own Manychat account.

Restoring access to your own Manychat account

Other possible situation is that you're trying to restore access to your own account, being locked out of your old Facebook account or other sign-in option.

To confirm ownership of the Manychat account, you will need to contact our support team from the email that was used in the registration of your Manychat account. Usually, that means the email from your Facebook profile as Manychat doesn't have an email/password sign-in feature. 

You can only sign up to Manychat with your Meta (FB, IG, WA) or Telegram account.