The Landing Page Growth Tool is another powerful ManyChat feature which allows you to create a simple landing page in just a few clicks.

This tool is awesome for instant promotions, especially if you do not have your own website or promo page. It's quick and easy: create a page and share the link with your customers in social media, by e-mail, or via a direct link. Ready to roll? Let's go!

Getting started

Create a new Growth Tool and choose the Landing Page from the list. See this tiny flag in Other Growth Tools section? That's it!

This Growth Tool has 4 tabs:
Initial State  this is how users see your Landing Page for the first time.
Submitted State — Landing Page appearance after a user clicks the button. It can display a custom message or redirect the user to another URL.
Opt-In Actions — messages user will receive after they click the button.
Setup — this is where you can grab your Landing Page URL.

Initial State

I decided to create a ManyChat Webinar Landing Page as an example, and it took less than 5 minutes to set it up. I used no design software at all, but still it looks awesome!

That is how you can customize it:

  • Add a Headline
  • Add a Description (not obligatory)
  • Choose a button type: With checkbox allows you to create a custom button text (Send to Messenger checkbox appears below). Send to Messenger removes the checkbox, but in that case it's not possible to edit the button's title

NOTE: When somebody clicks the button in your Landing Page and get the opt-in message from the bot, they have to reply to this message or click a reply button/quick reply in order to become a subscriber!

  • Choose Background, Headline and Description Colors
  • Choose Button Background: blue or white
  • Set Button Size: Small, Medium or Large
  • Attach an Image
  • Set Image Placement: Above Headline, Above Description and Below Description

Now you can preview your Landing Page on desktop or mobile device. You can also find a link in Setup tab and open the page in your browser (you have to activate the Landing Page first). This is what we get:

Submitted State

Submitted State tab has 2 options: you can either Show new message or Redirect to URL.

Redirect to URL enables you to send a user to any page you want after they click the Send to Messenger button. Here you can insert the URL and choose where it will be opened — in a new or current tab.

Note: Keep in mind that certain browser settings may block pop-up windows and prevent widgets like the Landing Page from working correctly.

I'd like to thank people for clicking and provide them further instructions, so I choose Show new message that allows me to create another custom page with a new appearance. So here's what you can do:

  • Add new Headline
  • Add a Description or just turn it off
  • Choose Background, Headline, Button, Button Text, and Description colors
  • Add custom Button text
  • Attach an Image
  • Set Image Placement: Above Headline, Above Description or Below Description

Opt-In Actions

So my Landing Page did the trick and it's time to get in touch with my new ManyChat subscribers to deliver them some information. I created a Message in Message Builder that contains a link to a webinar and a Conversational Action that starts an interaction with the bot. It also tags the subscriber so I can create a Broadcast to deliver them a webinar replay later in case they miss it.


This is the final step that allows you to get your Landing Page link and share it by e-mail, in social networks and messengers. Share it with your customers and convert them into subscribers! 

Amazing! Creating Landing Pages has never been so easy!